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Foto: (c) Andrea Friederichs - du Maire



markus mehring


Markus Mehring, born 1970, photographs since 10 years.

His inspiration based on natural sciences, music, traveling and the interaction to the fellow human beings.

“Photography has a spell which can carry you through the times by just one image. It reflects your presence, talks to you from the past in memories and and inspires your dreams for the future”

After his profession as an graduated electro-technics engineer he is leading now an international operating trading company.

Together with his russian wife he lives in beautiful city of Tver at the river Volga in Russia.


2012/13:  Russian-German visual dialog in Tver and Moscow, Russia

2016:     MALE/FEMALE in Tver, Russia

2017:     HORIZONS in Tver, Russia

2018/19:  CUBA / DANCE ME TO THE END OF LOVE in Bochum, Coco Loco, Germany

2020:     THE LIVING SOULS in Tver, Russia

Markus Mehring

Novotorzhskaya Ulitsa, Dom 16, Korp.1, K 5

170100 Tver


Phone: +7(962)241-43-33



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